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The New Guinea Comfort Women, Japan and the Australian Connection: out of the shadows | The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Prince Kuni Asaakira (Kuni-no-miya) visiting a forward base in the South Pacific. The publication date of the album is December 1943 and of interest is the information from Wikipedia (here) that: "Prince Kuni was promoted to rear admiral on 1 November 1942, and was given command of the Japanese 19th Naval Fighter Wing, which supported the Japanese occupation of Timor in the Pacific War."- Pin it by Gustavo Bueso-Jacquier

An FM-1 Wildcat flown by Lieutenant (junior grade) G.V. Knudson of Composite Squadron (VC) 41 flying from the escort carrier Corregidor (CVE 58) pictured over Makin Atoll on November 20, 1943, seventy years ago today. Smoke is visible from oil fires near Kings Wharf.

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Daily Drawings by Derek Myers

Daily Drawings by Derek Myers – Fubiz Media #art #journal #inspiration

Masijiro "Mike" Kawato, a WWII Japanese airman, who flew mainly Zeros, as seen behind, with a score of 19 kills. Mike had 17 bullet wounds in his body. He had been downed 5 times and during 5th down he had meant it to be suicide crash into American destroyer. He was steered off course from return fire which ripped one of his wings and cartwheeled him into the ocean rather than hit destroyer.Confirmed/rumored he was pilot who shot down Pappy Boyington.

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World War I in Photos: Aerial Warfare

A French SPAD S.XVI two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft, | French SPAD S.XVI two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft, flying ...