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¿Cómo la calidad de la relación de pareja de los padres afecta el comportamiento de los hijos?

Tom Karlin Foundation blog improving the quality of teen's lives, and increasing awareness of suicide prevention and mental health. #graduate together, @talklistenact

ASTRAGALUS - The herb is promoted to kill cancer cells, reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy, help heal burns, protect against heart disease, fight the common cold, and help improve overall weakness. Proponents also claim astragalus can stimulate the spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory, and urinary system, and help treat arthritis, asthma, and nervous conditions. They further claim it can lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

The Talking Cure for Health Care

The Talking Cure for Health Care - Improving the ways doctors communicate with their patients can lead to better care—and lower costs by wsj. Infographic and photo by University of Missouri Health care. #Medicine #Healthcare #Communication

Solutions for Kids' Sleep Problems

Solutions for Kids' Sleep Problems Late-night visitations It's tempting to just scooch over when your child wants to get into bed with you. But stay strong and walk him back to his room. And if he tends to climb in while you're sound asleep, Dr. Mindell suggests attaching a bell to your child's doorknob or yours. When you hear it ring, get up and quickly and quietly escort him back to his room.

Handwriting: Should we still teach it? -Mama OT Thoughtful and important questions, Mama OT. Thanks for interviewing me.

Mushroom lab tests raise hopes for cancer treatment

Israeli researchers have discovered that extracts inside the edible Oyster mushroom contain chemicals that bind themselves to molecules in cancer cells and kill them. After demonstrating their effectiveness on human cells in vitro and live mice. Watch video:

8x08 Mummy On The Orient Express [gifset] - "99% sure. Really? 99%? That's quite high. Is that the figure you're sticking with?" - 12th Doctor having a conversation with himself, Doctor Who