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Self-Portrait by Edgar Degas at age 21-22 (1855–56). Degas painted the dancers of the Paris Opera on canvas, in particular the "petit rat", Marie Van Goethem who he immortalized on both canvas and in sculpture. (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Edgar Degas | “Paul Valipncon” (french, 1834-1917) oil, 32.5 cm x 24 cm (@1868)

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Portrait of Joséphine Gaujelin - Edgar Degas, French, 1867. Yellow Room # P1e4 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston MA.

Self Portrait Saluting - Edgar Degas. Degas was born in Paris, France, into a moderately wealthy family. He was the eldest of five children of Célestine Musson De Gas, a Creole from New Orleans, and Augustin De Gas, a banker.

Edgar Degas - self portrait- mid and late 1800s to early 1900's. famous for painting dancers and horses. He was the anti impressionist impressionist. One of the founding fathers he rejected the term and some of the ideas but exhibited with the originals. He lived a mostly isolated life and was hard to befriend and liked it that way. Even his friends found him hard to like. I adore the artist.

Edgar Degas. Seated Woman, 1895. Pastel.