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Painting of an eye, in black and white, that I painted a few months ago. - Realization: It took me more than a day to finished it. -

With a heavy heart after reading this I have to say that the abuse of power that these crooks who run the country and the world will find themselves starting into the eyes of our creator and realizing the fullness of their Guilt. There is a heaven and a hell and the payment is eternal.

So... Ice and Fire could be about Sansa and Dany instead of Jon and Dany? I just realized these ladies have opposite elements and look. My wish is that the final will be about these two.

I've finally grown up enough to accept the truth in these words. I used to think I was the exception, but it was only self delusion.

"real eyes, realize, real lies." | Don't allow yourself to be spoon-fed reality.

Be the Flow of Life and embrace what you experience and realize you exist in all that is, as One Infinite Consciousness. <3 -Mary Long-

dan and phil missing eye contact<< why is this gif funny to me?<<< it upsets me.. It is supposed to be them looking at each other! Not missing eye contact!

Am I the only one who thought Dan lost his words when Phil looked at him? Because that's what this gif looks like


Real eyes


Man, I just realized how different they look then and now. Like if you like the first pin more and repin if you like the second pic more