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"I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher..." (Burning Heart by Dragan*, via Flickr)

The Fire Element is yang in character, with an upward direction and an expansive energy. In Chinese Five Element Theory, Fire is associated with strength, dynamism, and persistence; however, it is also linked to restlessness. Fire gives warmth, creativity, and enthusiasm; although, in excess, it can bring impatience, impulsive behavior, and aggression.

We only live, only suspire Consumed by either fire or fire. (LITTLE GIDDING, IV)” ― T.S. Eliot

Fire Performers - Fire Eaters, Fire Jugglers, Fire Poi, Fire Staff, Fire Breathers, Fire Swinging

i love old school hot rod flames

Step 335 The fire of Knowledge is with me every day. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the fire of Knowledge is burning within you. Feel it burning. Upon the hour feel it burning. Regardless of what you see and what you think, feel the fire of Knowledge burning.