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Skyrider One - Very First Flight of the Electric Scooter & Paraglider

Skyrider One is the first prototype of an electric scooter, which is also an electric paraglider. It is the easiest way, to have something like a flying car.

Ikoo Electric Scooter | Motorcycle | Car

E-BIKES POCKET GUIDE - IKOO Electric bike This is an electric bike which is a great way to get around because as you pedal it charges a battery which can be used for later

Motorcycle and car hybridation - "C-1 (Rolling Smartphone)" electric vehicle concept by Lit Motors

Motorcycle and car hybridation - (Rolling Smartphone)" electric vehicle concept by Lit Motors


Scrooser / urban mobility by Scrooser Manufactory — Kickstarter. Be the first to move ahead on fat tires & fun with Scrooser: an electric urban mobility solution for the environmentally conscious individual.

RYNO Unicycle Motorcycle

Is RYNO's single-wheel electric scooter cooler than a Segway?

I WANT IT! RYNO Motors single-wheeled electric scooter is self-balancing, has a turning radius of zero when stopped, and only takes up about as much space as a folding bicycle -- so its conceivable that commuters could bring one onto a train"

Online store of electric scooters, electric bikes, skateboards, ecomobiles, segways, airwheels, taga bikes, mini segways, electric skateboards and other means of transport. http://otmax.com/

Monocasco Electric Bike by ART-TIC

Designed as a tribute to the original Ossa monocasco bike of Santiago Herrero, the Monocasco Concept Bike by ART-TIC Team, brings a unique design to the everyday city bike.

Scoot On Into Spring | Yanko Design

Want to do some light travelling around the city? The Urban Scooter, designed by Daniel Dayag, concept looks pretty neat and should do the job.