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How Do Misconceptions Of The Perfect Body Influence Girls #Infographic #Women

How Do Misconceptions Of The Perfect Body Influence Girls #Infographic

"Shadow a Physician Assistant the Right Way" I see no mention anywhere about the patient's right to refuse, or obtaining informed consent. The one doing them the biggest favor is the patient, not the P.A.

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4 Things People Get Wrong About Running

When it comes to running, there are plenty of truths: It improves your health. It can help you lose weight. It can even make you happier. But there’s a lot of misconceptions attached to running floating out there, too. Here, we bust some of the sport’s major myths—and offer even more reasons to call yourself …


Six Common Misconceptions about the Chronically Ill

Source: | Original Post Date: April 19, 2015 - The new-age movement, along with many of the ideologies that New Ageism encourages, has been popularized in the past few years, especially with rise of social media. I am all for self-empowerment, spiritual exp

Making the transition from addiction to sobriety is a major change. It is sure to transform your life in several positive ways. In order to make this transformation, many people will choose to enter into a treatment program of some kind. In such programs, you will have the support of addiction couns


8 Depression Myths Debunked

The Truth Behind Depression Misconceptions 8 Depression Myths Debunked Popular myths about depression often keep people from getting the treatment they need. We've sorted out the facts from the fiction for eight common misconceptions. By Chris Iliades, MD Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH