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If this where a human we'ed call him high.

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13 Animals Helping Other Animals in Need Animation showing a bird feeding a cat and a dog! Seeing is believing!!!



Depends on who the person in the movie is, I guess. But animals.... ALWAYS. :'(

tokyo ghoul suzuya gif - Google Search

this months challenge: SIMPLE CG on TV!!!! This is a character challenge you guys! Make a character based on you favorite TV character!!! I want to see all TV shows represented here guys! It can be from and animated show or a live action show, just remember to keep it simple guys!!! Here are some examples of characters other people have made!! TV: includes Netflix and HBO as well so don’t forget about your Game of thrones and your Orange is the new black! Bonus points if you animate it! …

My Hobbie is drawing because it so cool to be able to draw creatures and buliding and etc. Also if I'm feeling blue are if I'm bored i just draw and i'm not sad or bored anymore. I started drawing since I was in 3rd and i usually drew with my brother and sister so were all really good at drawing.

Smile a little for these happy pandas. ;D

Design Story – Octo animated gifs  (by Fede Cook) So excited to...

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Eye-Colour Transformation

Shifter<< this is from lucy :3

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Snazzy Owl Hat

You've had a hard day. You deserve something nice. Sit back, relax and and get ready to be MOTHERFUCKIN' HAPPY for once in your miserable ... View Gifs That'll Make You So Damn Happy, You Might Piddle Your Pants" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor