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Comment: The migrant crisis and the mafia trap | SBS News

Frank Costello, PRIME MINISTER OF THE MAFIA(the GODFATHER with all the politicians in his pocket)

How real gangsters carried guns

Paul John Carbo (born Paolo Giovanni Carbo; August 10, 1904 – November 9, 1976) better known as "Frankie Carbo" was a New York City Mafia soldier in the Lucchese crime family, who operated as a boxing promoter and a gunman with Murder, Inc.

Carmine Galante - A street-hardened man nicknamed "Cigar" for his habit of always having one between his teeth, Carmine "Lilo" Galante began his life of crime began at a young age — he was involved in street gangs before he was a teenager.

Anthony Ricciardi aka Kid Chocolate (1927-1974) was a soldier in the Colombo family. He was murdered during the second Colombo war.

The "Prime Minister of the Underworld", Frank Costello. He was one of the most powerful, intelligent, and influential mobsters of his time and one of the few who was allowed to "retire" in his later years.

from the Guardian

Frank Calabrese Jr: the mobster who shopped his dad

Frank Calabrese Jr- Frank Calabrese Jr was destined for a life he didn't want – as a murderer in one of America's biggest mafia families. To escape, he turned FBI informant and betrayed his own father

Al Capone, the original scarface and number 1000 pin. Perfect.