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Cute and useful teaching tool. The annoying songs we learnt in 5th grade still stick with me. Definitely worth the headache of learning them. This is great for teaching money!

What is a ciborium? Discover the different items used at the altar during Mass in this infographic! This Catholic teaching tool is perfect for catechism classes, religious education, RCIA, bible study and more!

Every singer knows how important breathing is for singing but only a few devote their time to developing controlled breath support. Read more here:

Fr. V.M. Lucia- "My Lord, You suffered for love of me, teach me to accept my sufferings for love of You..." - Every Day is a Gift |


On my desk.

"Please tell me that's juice." "...Okay. Let's go with that." "I hope not. Juice is murder to clean up."

The only way you are considered "normal" is if you are a straight white male... That is sad.

We don't know what the Minions are actually "saying" but we understand what is going on. Distance Contest (Ending of "Despicable Me") - context clues and inferences YouTube

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15 Must-Have Picture Books for Teaching Social-Emotional Skills

15 Books That Teach Social-Emotional Skills - Bibliotherapy - Subscribe to life's Learning's blog at: I provide HIPPA compliant Online Telehealth Counseling. Scheduling is easy and online at: Twitter: @sapelskog. Counselors, join us at:* Everyone, Join us at: *