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In 2008 Mercury Chocolates was created as a specialized chocolate business to allow wineries, restaurants, and fine food shops to showcase our products when matched to world class pure cacao. Mercury Chocolates produces exotic high quality chocolates for the consumer that demands the best.

Montréal, Québec Canada ​"​Crudessence is proud to be serving E3Live in its 5 restaurants and health counters. As a company that promotes health and vitality, it is clear that the E3Live has to be a full part of those quality foods that we offer to our clients who aspire to the same well-being as we do. At Crudessence, we think that E3Live is a must for every person who's aiming to make the most out of their lives by eating a clean, vibrant and powerful diet. ​"

No recipe here - just an image of a slice of chocolate cake with the word "chocolate" written over and over in white icing (Tabac Blond)

E3Live in Toronto Ontario! "Papaya Island was one of the very first retailers in Canada to carry E3Live over 10 years ago. It is an amazing product which our customers love mixed in smoothies, etc. - or on its own. I personally find it has kept me young and healthy. Highly recommended." - Carl Blum / owner / Papaya Island - 513 Yonge Street / Toronto Ontario #payayaisland #e3live #e3livesightings #superfood #e3livecanada Such an amazing experience. I recommend this place to everyone.

Kate Normand's amazing "Atomic Beauty" line.