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My universe photo composition is created using the double exposure effect. The man thinks inside of the entire universe and his outside environment goes down along with his hopes and desires.
"Earth Memorial" The astronaut landed on moon. They took a picture of him with the Flag. Then, he came to me at backstage and asked to take a memorial photo of him with earth.
"My Little Amsterdam ii" The girl’s head explodes into her imagination of the cosmos while she is still thinking to the dreams on earth. This is when she starts to know her self.
"My Little Amsterdam i" A girl thinking of the existence and Trippin into a dream of thoughts. She looks around and watches everything else in the manifestation of her self.
"Inner-Connectivity" Experiences wire the brain and the brain wires the experiences.
"Conscious Matter" A conscious man evolved from unconscious matter through millions of years of evolution by natural selection to explore and understand this fact.