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This is such an important point. Since Trump's election, I have read so many comments to the tune of "this is all the fault of identity politics! White men just got so sick of being blamed for everything, and that's why we voted for a racist, sexist fraud!" Maybe if people talking about their problems upsets you, you should, I dunno, examine your own behaviour to see why.

#NoDAPL also, NAGPRA should've been enacted, why isn't anyone talking about that as much??! There's an act that is supposed to protect against this kind of stuff.

Hypocrites<--- I'm guessing it's talking about the legalization of gay marriage and people not providing services for their weddings. That was discrimination. Designers refusing to work with Melnia? It's still descrimination, just against one person, and not thousands for no reason.

I love thus cause it's rare people actual talk about male and child rape anymore , but not only to talk about it but drive home the point all rape is bad no matter who u r or no matter the circumstances. Rape is rape point blank period

"The worst feeling ever is when you realise that if you don't text them first, you won't talk at all."

I want a character who can talk to/ see ghosts but instead of being scare they are so annoyed with these ghosts that prank them all the time and embarrass them

from Levo League

7 Amazing TED Talks Every Woman in Her 30s Should Watch

No. This is not okay. Listen up, peeps, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ANYONE encourage someone else to kill them-self. Not only is it disrespectful and rude, it's totally and utterly horrifying. I don't care if you're Muslim, atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, or anything else. You do not deserve to be disrespected, and you should never disrespect others.