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low carb cheesecake, sugar free cheesecake, weight watcher dessert

It is our 9th wedding anniversary today on August 11th, so I wanted to make Craig’s favorite dessert…Vanilla Bean Cheesecake! I brought this to a gathering with family and friends and everyone loved it. No one knew it was “healthified!”

from Maria Mind Body Health

Pumpkin Twinkies, low carb twinkies, low carb muffins

Maria Mind Body Health | low carb pumpkin muffins, low carb twinkies, low carb muffins

from Maria Mind Body Health

Amazing Thin Crust Pizza

Amazing Thin Crust Pizza - Maria Mind Body Health This one isn't made with cauliflower.

from Maria Mind Body Health

paleo recipes, paleo bread, weight loss bread, weight watchers bread

3 cup blanched almond flour (10 oz) 10 TBS psyllium husk powder (no substitutes) (90 grams) (must be a fine powder, measure weight to be sure) (I use Jay Robb whole husk psyllium ground in a blender until half its origonal volume, other psyllium may not have the same results) 4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp Celtic sea salt 5 TBS apple cider vinegar (2 oz) 6 egg whites (7 oz) 1 1/2 cup BOILING water (12 oz)

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low carb coffee cake, sugar free coffee cake, gluten free coffee cake

cinabon coffee cake low carb, yes it is. / #lowcarb ♥ shared via

Mary Knows about losing a child.........The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady 1. The Prophecy of Simeon 2. The Flight into Egypt . 3. The Loss of Jesus in the Temple 4. Mary meets Jesus Carrying the Cross 5. The Crucifixion 6. Mary Receives the Dead Body of Her Son 7. The Burial of Her Son and Closing of the Tomb.

Mo ghrádh-sa thusa, a Mhuire gheal máthair, Mo chabhair cúnaimh in am na práinne, Mo dhochtúir leighis tinn nó i mo shláinte, M'achainí chughat, a Mhuire, D'achainí do chur chun do leinbh maitheamhnas do thabhairt dam i mo cúnaimh Ar son Dia agus Muire.

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4 Floral Essential Oil Perfume Sprays

4 easy recipes for natural Perfume Sprays with pure essential oils from

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low carb biscuits, gluten free biscuits, low carb gravy

KFC Biscuits and Gravy - Low Carb - These biscuits taste much better than traditional ones. They are lighter and fluffier, but just dense enough to keep a biscuit texture. I’ll make them again and again!