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2 civilians looking at a Canadian bulldozer in Rue de Bayeux in the city of Caen, in the background, the 2 towers of the Abbaye aux Hommes - 10 July 1944. Approximately 35,000 citizens of Caen were rendered homeless after Allied bombing.

Berlin during WWII - Allied bombing runs reduced most of it to rubble

Normandy 1944 - Longues Battery Sited above Longues-sur-Mer (near Arromanches - see bleow) this is the observation and commnd bunker on the cliff-edge. Actually used in the filming of "The Longest Day".

The ruins of Caen, Normandy, after it was bombed by the allies prior to its recapture from its German occupiers, 7 July 1944

Soldiear look at the ruin of Caen in 1944, after the liberation.

Orne (Pegasus) bridge, Normandy, France

Caen, à la sortie du château un Unic P 107 ou Somua, Leichter Zugkraftwagen P107 (f) de la 21. Panzer Division.

War...what does it solve....besides destruction....

D-Day photos from 1944 and photos of vacationers at the exact same locations today [28 pics]

Normandy Then Now 12

Las 20 fotografías más famosas de la historia