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Joker and Harley Quinn photobooth

I love this. I want to meet them 😁😉 Harley Quinn Joker Cosplay by Joker's Harley (Alyssa) and Harley's Joker (Anthony Misiano)

Dem moments.

Funny pictures about Every girl just needs the right guy. Oh, and cool pics about Every girl just needs the right guy. Also, Every girl just needs the right guy.

Reverse cosplay. Female Joker and male Harley

These 20 Insane Gender Swapped Cosplays and Crossplays Are Hilarious, Spot On, and Downright Brilliant!

Haha I love this! Harley Quinn really is a versatile character who can be adapted into all sorts of fun scenarios - here she is after acquiring Supergirl like powers.  Supergirl is not impressed.

Harleen Quinzel) / From: DC Comics / Cosplayers: Amaya Kumikai as Supergirl & Unknown as Harley Quinn / Photo: David "DTJAAAAM" Ngo

The joker did it because he believes that     everyone has a breaking point, everyone's evil, and so to prove his point he     drives people to kill. To become evil.... Just as he is evil, to stoop to his     level

Batman enemies’ motives…

Batman's Enemies Lol sassy joker "I did it cuz I wanted to"