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the famous turkish tv series actresses 2016 صور اجمل الممثلات التركيات للعام 2016

Burak Özcivit have no idea what he is saying and don't care... I'm Into these Turkish tv series ... Good stuff for sure

NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

This gorgeous cat looks something like our long-haired Willow, who we think is partly Turkish Van. Turkish Van Cat

Prince Garin, better known as Garin the Great, is a historical figure of the Rhoynar. Prince Garin led 250,000 men to their deaths in an attempt to stop the Valyrians. According to legend, the men of Volantis and Valyria hung Garin in a golden cage and mocked him as he called upon Mother Rhoyne to destroy them. That very night, the waters rose and drowned the invaders of Chroyane.

Turkish Van Cats - The Turkish Van is a big, beautiful cat with distinctive markings on its head and tail and an unusual love of water. Also known as the swimming cat, the Van loves to paddle its paws in streams, fish for its supper and even take a cooling dip in your bath.

Turkish actor,burak oztcivit... Dayıma inanılmaz benziyor..... Çok bayan hayranı vardı bir zamanlar.....:-)