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Andreas Kokkino David Daniels — Fashion Stylist and Art Gallery Sales Assistant, House, Brooklyn, New York.

Scrappy strip fabric background...I know you totally have enough scrap fabric to so this!!! LOL!!! I bet Granny's got a bunch, too!  Well, I don't know, it does have to be pretty long! lol

little boy + tie = cuteness Strip fabric backdrop. Photo ideas How to Prepare for Fabulous Family Pictures {family pictures}

Freunde von Freunden — Jean-Marc Houmard — Restauranteur , Apartment, Greenwich Village, New York  — http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/jean-marc-houmard/

Looking for a table at one of New York’s best restaurants on a Friday night? Upon meeting one of New York City’s m…


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Un air de vacances

Island Style - Wooden desk furniture—topped with a sunny yellow lamp—adds warmth to a cool aqua-colored corner.