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Wiggle Socks Miss sexy comfortable style woman's foot - high 100% cotton toe socks five fingers socks comic female 5 - toe socks

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11 Deliciously Warm Products For People With Icy Fingers And Toes

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Kevlar Socks

Kevlar Socks - Enjoy the comfort and mobility of socks while still having the durability and protection of shoes with these Kevlar socks. Perfect for outdoors adventures on jagged surfaces such as rock climbing, these Kevlar socks will protect your feet just as well as any shoe will.

Oh, soft combed cotton, you make one sweet sock. You are a lovely thing. It's also a lovely thing to see a sweet cherub-like darlin' dipping her finger delicately in the water. Then, dip below the ankle and read, "You're not the boss of me". Nobody is. You're gonna love this sock. Women's shoe size 5-10. 53% combed cotton, 44% nylon and 3% spandex.