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Black Full Apron Good Friends Never Lack Friends by GOJEKO, $15.00

This 1-minute devotion explains the importance of developing self-control in our walk with the Lord.

This might as well be the story of my life right now...I want to change, and don't know how. All my friends seem to be getting closer as a drift further and further away from them


You don’t like books? Maybe this is the reason…

You don't like books? Maybe this is the reason...

....difficult one for many of us. But sometimes, interest and affection withers. Time to evaluate. Invest more into the relationship...or time to move on? A person's actions (or lack of) will ALWAYS demonstrate what is in their Heart. ~ Jeanne Rivard

Ik i sound like im slap happy to ppl who only use it for its true purpose!

We could no longer mentally handle being out there after what happened. Even scarier about the woods after that? Being out there in broad daylight was even more unsettling. | Prompt.

This page. I like it. I need more. MORE SOLANGELO! [ i only finished the book a few hours ago and this ship has taken over my life /)^3^( ]

This handout could be useful for working with families/friends of the individual you are working with. So often people want to be supportive, but are not quite sure how. Support Looks Like... handout from