The Face Of Boe. AKA Captain Jack Harkness... my mind is COMPLETELY BLOWN... I just wanna know how his head got that big... and what are those  weird tentacle things?

The Face of Boe. If I had only known how awesome the people of Doctor Who are, (The intricate story behind this guy being exhibit A) I would have never waited a year to give the first episode a second chance.

Rose Tyler meets Captain Jack Harkness for the first time.

I was about to say " wow, they were a pretty sexy couple".then I remember that any couple with Jack in it is pretty damn sexy.

Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card

Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card - Somewhat involved, but a fun craft idea for a Doctor Who party

Martha: Time was, every single one of these people knew your name. Now they've all forgotten you.  The Doctor: good.  Jack: Back to work.  The Doctor: I really don't mind, though. Come with me.  Jack: I've had plenty of time to think that past year—the year that never was—and I kept thinking about that team of mine. Like you said, Doctor: "responsibility".  The Doctor: Defending the Earth. Can't argue with that.  Jack: Hey, I need that!  The Doctor: I can't have you walking around with a…

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Captain Jack ~ The Face of Boe

Captain Jack/The Face of Boe. my jaw dropped when I watched this episode.

John Barrowman; Captain Jack Harkness

Barrowman who starred as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and spin-off Torchwood, says he would love to bring his breakthrough character back to TV

Drunk texter vs whovian texter

Excuse the language. It's what you get for drunk texting a Whovian. I hope this person spent all night walking around graveyards all night looking for the TARDIS

Tennant being Tennant

Holy Tardis of Gallifrey! It's totally David Tennant! // I'm not even a Whovian, but I love him and I can just imagine him being all 'Yes, friends, it is I'

I actually got slapped for this before by a Titanic fan because I didn't understand what the heck they were talking about xD

Jack and Rose.I've never actually seen Titantic. I know what happens and Doctor Who has a much better Jack and Rose


Doctor cracks a joke

I loved this part of the episode. So great. And it the whole 'are you my mummy' part was exactly what I was thinking and then the Doctor says it!>> A Doctor Who reference in Doctor Who

Expelliarmus! -- i may have pinned this. but its #harrypotter and #doctorwho both, so it's worth a doublepin haha

That's a perfectly good reason why I fell in love with Ten." This was the first episode I happened to watch and they made two Harry Potter references.

Austin would LOVE this!

Doctor Who Cyberman kid costume cosplay Halloween .give him all the candy !