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Beautiful work by Miriiam Hanid - Cross Flow Bowl - (12x12x9cm) - Hand raised sweet bowl. Chased with tidal motifs which merge into an oscillating design...

Adi Toch 04Little Beak Oil Drizzler, 2012 Britannia silver, dimensions: 11.5cm diameter x 9cm height Photo: Sussie Ahlburg Double layered vessel into which oil is poured swirling down inside and drizzled out by a tiny spout.

LI-SHENG CHENG » Bluecoat Display Centre "Inherited from her Chinese culture and upbringing, she is inspired by the ideas and thoughts that “everything has a life, which should to be cherished and respected”. Her artwork incorporates forms from natural life elements, such as cells and can be described as ‘living forms’, as they look as if they have grown as a result of symbiosis. "