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Soto sees his task as "to start Chicanos reading," and the best pieces are snapshots of ordinary life--wry , gentle, intimate, many about family and his role as son, dad, and husband. Never condescending about his childhood self, he writes in "The Jacket" about the pain he still feels at being ridiculed in the schoolyard. In "To Be a Man," he sees his stepfather "dazed by hard labor" and dreams of himself "in a committee meeting among Ph.D.s."

Fourteen Mexicans sit huddled in a battered truck. One girl reads the Bible, praying that she will safely reach the promised land. A young man pulls from his backpack a worn out teddy bear that plays a tune with a small voice saying, “I love you,” a memory of the son that waits for him in California. Jonás Cuarón’s Desierto puts a face to the immigrant experience, all those individuals who, like so many before them, are willing to risk everything to come to America. Cuarón wrote the…

Romney, Son Of Welfare Receiving Mexican Immigrant (VIDEO)

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Italian immigrant Giuseppe Rocco pulls himself up from poverty to become the richest man in San Jose but never buys a business suit and continues to prefer the company of Mexican workers to the governor of the state. His experience is contrasted with that of young Sally Martinez, a Mexican American who also attempts to pull herself and her family out of poverty.

The one on the left kissing his dad on stage. <3 Alejandro Fernandez son & Vicente Fernandez father

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Why You Should Never Eat High Fructose Corn Syrup

Mercury ( heavy metal toxin ) found in processed foods ...every American deserves to know this ...found in my blood stream :(

History does, indeed, repeat itself! But, why does it seem to be that the bad, shameful history is most often repeated!

Shakira shares glance of newborn