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Soto sees his task as "to start Chicanos reading," and the best pieces are snapshots of ordinary life--wry , gentle, intimate, many about family and his role as son, dad, and husband. Never condescending about his childhood self, he writes in "The Jacket" about the pain he still feels at being ridiculed in the schoolyard. In "To Be a Man," he sees his stepfather "dazed by hard labor" and dreams of himself "in a committee meeting among Ph.D.s."

In the grim reality of Southern California’s grape fields, even the sun is a dark spot. For the migrant grape pickers in Crossing Vines, Rigoberto González’s novel that spans a single workday, the sun is a constant, malevolent force. The characters endure back-breaking, monotonous work as they succumb to the whims of their corrupt bosses. Each minute the sun rises higher in the sky is an eternity.

A hip, funny, Latino rendition of Grease, this play features three cool muchachos who come to the aid of Martin, a Chicano nerd who loves a beautiful, popular girl, Ceci. With the help of his friends, Martin changes his image to impress Ceci and her friends. This is a problem for Ceci, because, in the meantime, she's transformed herself into a Chicana nerd to win the heard of her secret love--Martin.

Hoarding: When Too Much 'Stuff' Causes Grief

With vivid portraits that show us the traits by which you can identify a hoarder, Frost and Steketee explain the causes and outline the often ineffective treatments for the disorder while illuminating the pull that possessions exert on all of us. Call Fro

The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings | a young boy's adventures in backwoods Florida

Healing Trauma Through Self-Parenting: The Codependency Connection (Paperback)

Self-healing through self-parenting, a concept introduced a generation ago, has helped thousands of adult children of alcoholics who are codependent and have conflicts in their primary relationships.

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk Jr.,

Santiago's artful memoir recounts her childhood in rural Puerto Rico and her teenage years in New York City. 