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Explore Power Undo, Charleston and more! | The Light That Never Goes Out | Turn the light on Charleston.

Quarrels end, but words once spoken never die ~ African proverb

Eyes On Egypt at Carnegie International 2013 This exhibition affirms that ART illuminates everyday life in all it's beauty ,imperfections and comedy. That ART is still a powerful and relevant tool to confront the human experience. Art must be Revolutionary ,Artist must soldiers without guns | apples from the tree museum | Sorry ladies and…

Truth be told... Corporations now write their own laws that, of course, favor themselves.

Haitian Soldiers Revolutionary War Memorial Savannah, GA

We Still Have A Dream:MLK The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is located in West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., southwest of the National Mall (but within the larger area commonly referred to as the "National Mall").[1] The national memorial is America's 395th unit in the national park service.[2] The monumental memorial is located at the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin near the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

should say don't eat anything today that will undo all of the hard work you did yesterday | CORPORATE WHORES | CORPORATE WHORES If the WalMart family gives you huge amounts of campaign money to be elected, how will you defend workers rights and the minimum wage? The last thing WalMart wants is to pay higher wages to all it's workers across the country. When you are a whore, you go where the money gos .