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My Most Popular Shabbat Sides

Make your "chicken plus..." dinner a winner with Jamie's superb roundup of the most popular, most beloved, most visited, most shared, most commented, and most bookmarked sides.

Tea lights get an illuminating makeover with (you guessed it) washi tape! #washitapewednesday #DIY

"Shabbat Shalom! Shabbat is the sabbath or day of rest. (Ten Commandments: Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy...for the Lord...rested the seventh day.)" Shalom means peace, but more than just the absence of fighting, it includes the idea of wholeness and wellness. So practicing Jews are wishing you a day of peace and rest! The proper response is "Shabbat Shalom" - Shabbat Shalom, my Jewish friends!//

IT IS TIME TO REST ~ "It is an ever living battle to remind myself that I am enough, you are enough…we have done enough, we have enough, we will always have enough…we know enough……etc……….that ENOUGH BATTLE is the one that never lets us rest" Melody via her BraveGirlsClub blog entry: ….rest is not weakness…..

Hebrew Shabbat & Shema Primer Flash Cards Writing Practice

Hebrew Shabbat & Shema Primer Flash Cards Writing Practice. I'm doing this to teach my children simple prayers thru play for spiritual learning time outside of normal educational play! My must do!!!

Hanukkah Crafts and Decorations

Celebrate Hanukkah with our inspired crafts, gift wrap, favors, and decorations, including dreidels and menorahs. These ideas will help make all eight nights sparkle.