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Zayn Malik likes what he sees

His face tho

One Direction - Band : I'll miss the Where We Are 2014 World Tour, but I am so excited for the On The Road Again 2015 World Tour, aah! In the picture, I love how they wrote 'Tommo' instead of 'Tomlinson', because we are all about doing it the Tommo way! ;)

Awww poor Liam and his arm! Lovin Zayn's new hair style! But Harry's hair? Well I love each member equally!

7/23/10 - 3/25/15 but they are still One Direction but just a foursome as preformers

This hit me hard. Like real hard.It has been a month and I was just starting to feel slightly better but then this. My heart hurts. But it was for the best and I'm happy for him.

zayyyynnn  (zayn malik,zayn,1d,one direction,quotes)

zayyyynnn (zayn direction,quotes) i just love himm

Zayn Malik. His face is so symmetrical. Perfection!

Those fucking eyes 🤤

1D One Direction - Zayn Malik singing red jumper WWAT (Where We Are Tour) 2014

One Direction - Zayn Malik singing red jumper WWAT (Where We Are Tour) 2014

And Liam is like : Daaaamn son you got da booty.>>>>this comment cracks me up!<<< I have no freaking clue what's going on but that first comment about made me die

Funny One Direction, Zayn memories.

Zayn, you're killing me.

Zayn Malik from the One Way or Another music video

Don't Forget Where You Belong i love this song so much, even though it floods my eyes out

One Direction - Don't Forget Where You Belong lyrics, Zayn Malik edit


Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson.