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#MySketchbook #CH #Page #32 #fan #stalker #social #network #emoji #letters #drawing #sketch #ink #black #red #green #blue #graphic #words #truth about #followers #art #MyArt "The truth about social networks. When you're handsome, you're a FAN, but when you aren't, you're a STALKER" It's not my opinion, it's what I've seen and suffered a little bit too.. i think also, it's not so social valuing somebody basing your judges on his/her beauty... so what are we doing?

Best black ink pad. I get asked all the time what is the best black ink pad. This is a great article. I use all of these pads except for Soot Black from Distress. She did not cover Brilliance Ink. I love that black for stamping on vellum. I also like it for when I want my projects to have a bit of shimmer. It's a really great article and a must read.

alisaburke: a peek inside my art journal

If you don't think a writing utensil can be sexy, I present to you the flawless black LAMY Safari fountain pen nib. In the words of my students: If Batman wrote his autobiography by hand, this is the pen he would use.


david downton

David Downton - Fashion Illustrator Research I really like the simplicity of this, no detailing or neat lines and you can see the media David used was ink or black paint and he must've used water to make it spread like that and create that smudged look which I like.

from Etsy

I ate too much

haha...too cute. I ate too much $10.00 original ink drawing size A4 (21cm/30cm) printed on a nice acid free 180g paper will be signed,titled and numbered (1/15)

from Ladybug's Teacher Files

My favorite baskets...and some editable labels

FREE editable classroom labels!

from Beautiful Life

Romain Jerome's Luxury Fountain Pens

♂ masculine & elegance The Titanic DNA Fountain Pens by Romain Jerome