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Last Writes By Catherine Aird - Twenty-two brand new short stories which are guaranteed to delight fans and win the author many more. The indefatigable detective Inspector Sloan reappears in many of these stories with his sidekick Crosby. But there are also new characters to be met, such as the mysterious Malcolm Venables of the Secret Service. Full of delicious twists and turns, Last Writes will be a collection to curl up with and savour.

Death and the Lit Chick (The St. Just Mysteries) - Wildly successful chick lit mystery writer Kimberlee Kalder is the guest of honour at an exclusive writers' conference at Dalmorton Castle in Scotland. But the fun ends when Kimberlee is found dead at the bottom of the castle's bottle dungeon. Who didn't want to see prima donna Kimberlee brutally extinguished like one of her ill-fated characters? It's up to Detective Chief Inspector St. Just to track down the true killer in a castle full of…

A Land without Jasmine - By Wajdi al-Ahdal. A Land without Jasmine is a sexy, satirical detective story about the sudden disappearance of a young female student from Yemen's Sanaa University. Each chapter is narrated by a different character beginning with Jasmine herself. The mystery surrounding her disappearance comes into clearer focus with each self-serving and idiosyncratic account provided by an acquaintance, family member, or detective. As the details surrounding her sudden…

Crime And Detective Stories 63 July 2012

3'' By Marc-Antoine Mathieu - This is a detective mystery. It lasts only 3 seconds. Which is enough time for a particle of light to travel 900,000 kilometres. And as you follow it on its journey - through scenes of deadly drama and seeming innocence, as far as deep space and back - look into the blind spots and corners.There are clues there: connections between the characters, motives, intrigues, crimes and plots. You are the detective. Find the solution.

Mark O'Sullivan Crocodile Tears - In the freezing winter of 2010, with the Irish recession in full flow, property tycoon Dermot Brennan is found dead at his Dublin home. Leading the murder investigation is fifty-six-year-old Detective Inspector Leo Woods, an embittered former UN peacekeeper with a drug habit, a penchant for collecting masks and a face disfigured by Bell's Palsy. DI Woods meets his match in Detective Sergeant Helen Troy,

Exculpation - Ray Wilson. Cape Town 1998, a city licking its wounds after years of bitter conflict, as the very public process of admission and forgiveness sets the scene for Mandela's new South Africa. Although the mood is one of reconciliation, not everyone is ready to tell the truth. The murder of General Jackson precipitates a hunt for the secrets he didn't take to the grave, a dossier outlining the covert activities of an elite force, one prepared to go to any lengths to keep them…

Super Sleuth Books for Early Readers

First chapter books for early readers ages 5-9: mystery books and detective stories

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