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Hanged Man - Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

We come across the #Strength Card in our #dailytarot today, and this is one of two cards in the deck with the infinity symbol. Today is a day about infinite love, but there might be some challenges ahead. Hang in there, exude the inner strength and courage that the lion possesses, and you too will meet unprecedented success.

The card drawn for this week is the Strength reversed. You may be lacking in strength, vitality & energy, but it doesn't mean you'll be incapacitated this week. Instead, go within to access your energy reserves & restore inner strength. This is a busy time of the year with many social gatherings & get-togethers. For introverts, it can be a very harrowing time of the year. So watch your energy & inner strength, & take some time to be on your own & connect with your core. #weeklytarotcard

{Jan 2, 2012} The Three of Cups certainly speaks of having a good time and enjoying the company of your best friends and loved ones. On a broader scale, the Three of Cups reversed may indicate a falling out with some of your friends, particularly if you find there is not the same level of harmony any more. In relationships, the Three of Cups reversed can occasionally point to an unwelcome third party in the relationship. #weeklytarotcard

This week's Tarot card is the World reversed. While the upright World represents a completed cycle, the reversed World can indicate an incomplete cycle. A key project or an important phase in your life may be close to being finished, but there's one piece missing. You're not getting the closure you're seeking and you can't bring this phase to completion just yet. How do you see World reversed playing out for you this week? Learn more about the World reversed #weeklytarotcard

{Nov 24, 2014}This week's Tarot card is the Knight of Wands Reversed. This week, you may feel that your energy and focus is quite scattered. One minute you're fired up about one idea and the next minute you've decided you're bored and want to explore an entirely new idea. You might even be suffering from "Bright Shiny Object Syndrome"! How do you see the King of Wands Reversed playing out for you this week? #weeklytarotcard

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