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French writer Colette was born on January 28, 1873. She wrote a number of successful novels, including "Chéri" in 1920 and "Gigi" in 1944. She maintained a saucy reputation for her numerous affairs with both men and women, but she was beloved, and when she died in Paris in 1954, she was the first woman to be given a state funeral in France. She is buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

Set in England and Hong Kong in the 1920s, The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful but love-starved Kitty Fane. When her husband discovers her adulterous affair, he forces her to accompany him to the heart of a cholera epidemic. Stripped of the British society of her youth and the small but effective society she fought so hard to attain in Hong Kong, she is compelled by her awakening conscience to reassess her life and learn how to love.

W. Somerset Maugham: The Painted Veil

I suppose it counts as serendipity when you’ve been meaning to read more books by an author after liking one years ago, and then a trusted source recommends the film of another book, and then…

La Vierge en bleu de Tracy Chevalier, Ne pas oublier: Prodigieuses créatures! La jeune fille à la perle...

Les 50 livres cultes 10/18 De ces livres qui quand on finit la dernière page, on se sent envahi par un grand vide et une terrible question: que vais-je pouvoir lire à la suite qui va me captiver autant? Je l'ai offert à tellement de personnes que je ne peux plus compter...A lire, d'une traite avec un paquet de friandises et un thermos de thé.