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"The Nihilist" illustrates a very common occurrence, in which a youth has been forced into believing in a god by their parents and by society. The clown makeup represents that she, being an atheist, feels ridiculous faking her beliefs to satisfy her parents. The crown of thorns symbolizes the existential agony that lying to herself causes. Her expression shows a hidden but deep-rooted hatred, and the shades of red and violet serve to underline the existence of violent ideas in the mind of…

"Pray for Paradise" This piece illustrates the irrational allure of suicide. Death in this case symbolised by the moth which is the only thing the protagonist seems to care about, ignoring the intense beauty of life (symbolised by the butterflies).

"One for Sorrow" This painting was inspired by a song of the same name by the band Insomnium. Like the song, this painting represents somene who clings to the memory of a relationship long gone. It expresses the hopelessnes caused by the belief that sorrow always prevails against love, and that therefore every relationship is destined to fail.

"Dreams of a better world" is a watercolor painting that expresses the lack of controll over their own life felt by someone adicted to self harm. The sea turtles are traditional symbols of adapting to a new environment, yet in the context of this painting they have the inverted meaning of not being able to fit in, which causes great misery in the protagonist. The painting captures a moment in which she is reflecting on her decision of harming herself in order to cope with her life, and…

Instagram photo by Victoria-Marie Olt • Sep 2016 at UTC

Instagram photo by Victoria-Marie Olt • Jul 2016 at UTC