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The sheen of unknown / depths below. Clear waters are / the most deceptive. -christiestratos #morrowind #elderscrolls

Aujourd'hui, je me suis rendue compte que je souriais sans aucune raison. Et j'ai réalisé que j'étais en train de penser à te tuer. || Tamako Love Story

thelovelyseas: Enormous beauty by Lea’s UW Photography

first light of the morning touches unknown depths of the forest...

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Photo (Ignite Light)


❤️ When you feel unworthy and unloved and feel you're sinking into the darkest abyss, remember He still loves you....

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The Travel Bucket List: Part 4

This picture represents positioning because the diver is positioned in the middle of the picture

chap·ar·ral [sha-pə-ˈral, -ˈrel] (n) 1: a thicket of dwarf evergreen oaks; broadly : a dense impenetrable thicket of shrubs or dwarf trees 2: an ecological community composed of shrubby plants adapted to dry summers and moist winters that occurs especially in southern California. Found: The Omnivore's Dilemma (339), Michael Pollan.

"Sister, your blood is sacred. Your blood is righteous. Your blood is magic. The choice is yours to honor and revere the embodiment of the sacred feminine that lives within you. We are Sisters Riding together. We are standing in a line of Queens, Priestesses, Healers, Warrioresses, Mothers, Daughters. We are full of the greatness of our lineage, full of who we are today and full of who we are becoming.We are the Feminine incarnate on this planet. And we are very needed at this time.