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A Constitutional Law refresher: "...the President has NO POWER to make a deal solely with Iran. He can't do that. Presidents aren't Kings."

Separation of Church and State is NOT in the Constitution. The concept is however intended to protect the CHURCH from being controlled by the GOVERNMENT. Its for Freedom OF Religion, NOT Freedom FROM Religion.

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The Billie Williams on

We have an CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, a TYRANT in power. America in TROUBLE, Europe and Middle East in CRISIS, and TED CRUZ has REAL DEAL Solutions! In GOD we Trust, The Only Solution Is The Constitution!!! #TedCruz2016


Steven Weber on

#STOPCOMMONCORE #TXpolitics #NCpol #TEAparty COMMON CORE Cognitive researcher, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky.

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SixTen Ministries on

Don't call upon Jesus only when you need Him, call upon Him every day. God is not batman; He is so much better than batman.

Hi everyone, I've been trying to stay positive on the board and only pin uplifting pins or ones that are useful to us as a community, but I've come across a really vile religious person this week and this seemed to reflect my feelings so perfectly.