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By the time the children who sat behind Obama, during his gun restriction speech,are 65 years old they will Each owe $1 million to fund the deficit! The great Manipulator will use anything or anyone to reach his goal even our children. He's been PLAYING Americans for over 4 years!

....mission accomplished! this isn't even funny...this is EXACTLY what the democrats have been working for and along with the liberal media; what they hope to accomplish (again as in 2008)...say HELL NO to poverty, unemployment, government dependency and HELLO to A PROSPEROUS AMERICA!!! JUST SAY NO TO THE DOLE!

Statistics don't lie. The areas with the strictest gun laws are the very ones with the highest rate on crime ~@guntotingkafir SUPPORT THE 2ND AMMENDMENT

, there’s really only one major political race on the political radar: the Virginia governor’s race between former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe (a longtime associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton) and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, currently the state’s attorney general. And a new MRC study of major newspapers in the state finds the GOP candidate is receiving far more negative coverage than his Democratic counterpart — just four positive stories vs. 95 negative ones, a…