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Well... I don't need my heart. It's not like it hasn't already been shattered by countless other fanfics and observations and fandoms

Like a sexy ass, god like, with a nice ass having truck!!

who else is crying cause he'll never come to bring her to a mcr show??? I am for sure ..... for the other part the answer is fucking yes . If Bandit and Frank's kids ever start a band I'll be no1 fan !!!

Henry, Emma Swan and Killian Jones - 6 * 3 "The Other Shoe" #CaptainSwan #CaptainCobra

Henry, Emma Swan and Killian Jones - 6 * 3 "The Other Shoe" #CaptainSwan #CaptainCobra

Ahh yes.. almost 16. I don't know what's wrong with me.... I guess I just got a little weird and a little wild.. STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL||welp I'm 13 BUT I DON'T CARE I SHIP IT

His first date idea. We each pick out a book at Barnes and Noble and switch at the end of the night. Getting to know each other through what we like to read. I think I'm going to like this guy

I have a yellow New beetle and it makes me smile when people punch each other because of my car.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken