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Having to constantly treat yourself as a way to prevent bad behaviour. | 24 Struggles People Who Don't Eat Constantly Will Never Understand

You must be fun at parties. ~ oneway_trigger

maridoodles: “i need it dc, let my boy meet my other boys ”

How To Get rid Of Those Arm Pit StainsPlease don't forget to like. If your going to save then please remember to like, if your out of likes then hit the share button Don't forget to view my other tips and follow. Thanks

My inner child is screaming "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!!"

If you come after my rights, if you're unable to give others choices, I will come for your guns. Not all guns, just yours. Sincerely, Me...

INTJ Optimism. | this!!! When I stress and someone just says "don't worry, it will be alright"...provide evidence for this statement because you could just be blowing smoke up my ass. This is the proper way to help someone not worry. I need this in my life sometimes. Its not enough to just be this for others...who never appreciate it ;)

Gosh I love this! Hope Jungkookie spends some good moments with Yugyeom and the others!

True but I didn't really ship Jyn and Cassian since they only knew each other for like a couple days then they both DIED

"My dog got bit at doggy daycare the other day. My dad is lecturing him about standing up to his bullies and to bite back "