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SOUND: Какая сегодня погода? [kakàya sivòdn'a pagòda] - What's the weather today? Идёт снег. [idyòt snek] - It's snowing. Небо чистое. [nèba chìstaje] - The sky is clear. Другие фразы о погоде в Разговорнике Ruspeach - Other phrases about weather in Ruspeach Phrasebook -

i'm in love with this idea...don't forget to feed our winter birds and squirrel's.. Fall bird feeder.. Birdies love cleaned pumpkin seeds!!

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Tips for Winter Bird Feeding

Winter bird seed and feeder tips for your birds. More info:

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How to Make Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

A festive craft the kids will enjoy making and the the birds will love! A homemade birdseed Christmas ornament is inexpensive and exactly what your naked, winter tree needs.

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Feeding Winter Birds

Want to get creative and make your own feeders? BIRD UNIT. #ECMontessori

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Top tips for feeding birds in autumn and winter

Birds will appreciate any food you can offer but it's important to know the right things to provide and what to avoid. Follow our simple feeding guide.

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dailybuzz moms 9x9: kids' holiday crafts

Winter Solstice // Yule // Christmas | Orange Bird Feeder

Holiday wildlife buffet Place orange slices, cranberries, nuts, birdseed, and other bird- and squirrel-friendly foods in a birdbath, then top with water and let freeze. Not only does this add a nice pop of color to the winter garden, but watching the critters dig into the ice for their treats will provide hours of entertainment!

Great idea for feeding the birds in winter �nd nice decoration for your garden!

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How to Make a Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

How to make a cookie cutter bird feeder - A simple project for kids. Spread the love to the winter birds with a bird feeder made of bird seed. Complete step by step instructions. Make them any shape you like and hang them in a tree in your yard or in your local park. | Nature Craft for Kids | Birds for Kids |