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Lauren Branciamore - Artistic Director Nicola Beverley - Celebrity Make-Up Artisit @ The Society

Even More Hilarious Harry Potter Comics That Prove Dumbledore Was Totally Irresponsible

Now, the artist has released a bunch of new Harry Potter comics, and they just keep getting funnier. | These Harry Potter Comics Will Have You Crying With Laughter

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Unblock the “Spiritual Electricity” of Creative Flow

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Unblock the “Spiritual Electricity” of Creative Flow | Brain Pickings

Iliá Repin 1882 'Rest' (Portrait of the Artist’s Wife), Repin fue un destacado pintor y escultor ruso del movimiento artístico Peredvízhniki. Sus obras, enmarcadas en el realismo, tienen una gran profundidad psicológica y exhiben las tensiones del orden social existente. A finales de los años 20 se volvió popular en la URSS y fue puesto como ejemplo para ser imitado por los artistas del realismo socialista.

I recently asked the artists that follow TAA on social media for their tips on how to be more productive & efficient in the studio. We got some GREAT answers and inspired tons of really fun discussion. Why Does Productivity Matter? Why does productivity and efficiency even matter? Doesn’t thinking like that get in the way …

The Artist (2011)

The Artist (2011): A silent movie star meets a young dancer, but the arrival of talking pictures sends their careers in opposite directions.

Imagem de leitura — Duncan Grant

"Colour helps to express light, not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that in the artist's brain." Henri Matisse, 1945.

The Artist Who Puts Couples in Vacuum Packs | VICE | United . Kingdom creepy but interesting from an artistic standpoint