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Lay, we're perfect for each other. I drink juice boxes as well.

Yaxchilan, Lintel 24. Ca. 723 CE/AD. Carved limestone relief commemorating a ritual of October 28, 709 CE/AD. Under the glow of a flaming torch, held aloft by the Yaxchilan King, Itzamnaaj B'alam,II, Lady K'ab'al Xoc, both Aunt and wife of the king, draws a stingray-barbed rope through her tongue to induce heavy bleeding onto special papers to be burned in order to release an ancestral oracle.


Flower Maiden Fashion Editorials : Flower Maiden Fashion Editorial

Flower Maiden Fashion Editorials - The Gladys Ng 'Painting a Garden' Photoshoot is Whimsical (GALLERY)

The Dimple King.. Lay from EXO. This is who you take home to Grandma.