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15 Social Media Lies, Myths & Fairy Tales

131023 OLDE OCTOBER MOON I can see your face, it's calling me back to that sacred place Won't you let me fly Fly the great October sky, fly the great October sky On my invisible broom Olde October moon GRAM RABBIT


Estos ingredientes le darán ese “no sé qué, que qué se yo” que tanto nos gusta a tus platillos. Procura incluirlos en tu lista del súper y tenerlos a la mano siempre.Perejil istock-485380494.jpg

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The Best Sex Position For His Penis Size

When he's packing more than the average guy, the best thing is for us to be able to control the depth and speed. You can pretty much try any position, but the ideal is woman on top, or reverse cowgirl (when you're on top but facing away from him). But if you're not the type who likes to be boss, try missionary, just be sure to keep your legs closer together so he doesn't penetrate too deep. iStock

Giving a mixture of micronutrients like B vitamins to children exposed to stress in conflict zones could help fend of stress-induced cognitive damage, say researchers.©iStock/photka

Did you just buy new drapes or have your old ones cleaned? To keep that like-new look for a while, a... - Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock/frank0815, iStock/&#169 Picsfive

You always hear how you have to use a neutral density filter to take a long exposure, right? The thing is, you can get long exposure images without having any filter at all. It’s just a matter of using a few easy tricks, and shots like the one above can be yours! Shoot at Dusk In typical long exposure work, a neutral density filter is used to reduce the amount of light entering your lens, thereby allowing for a much longer shutter speed to blur movement. That’s how photographers can…