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King and the Clown (Hangul: 왕의 남자; hanja: 王의 男子; RR: Wang-ui Namja, lit. The King's Man) is a 2005 South Korean historical drama film, starring Kam Woo-sung, Jung Jin-young and Lee Joon-gi. It was adapted from the 2000 stage play, Yi ("You") about Yeonsangun of Joseon, a Joseon dynasty king and a court clown who mocks him. 공길 이준기

易 經 Yi Jing – I Ching, the Book of Changes This famous system of 64 hexagrams plus their commentaries and trans­for­mations is at the root of Chinese thought. Its origin goes back to mythical antiquity. Three thousand years of Chinese cultural history has either taken its inspiration from this book, or has exerted an influence on the interpretation of its text. both branches of Chinese philosophy, Confucianism and Taoism, have their common roots here.