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After Escaping Whaling Ships, One Whale is Changing Norwegian Attitudes on Whale Meat - Norway’s historical whaling season has recently come to an end – and it has been the most devastating year for minke whales in Norway since the country defied an international ban on whaling in 1993, with over 720 whales killed this year.

Sperm Whale by Diederik Huisman Sperm whales are largest toothed whale. #whales #oceanlife

from The Dodo

VICTORY: SeaWorld Park Can't Breed Orcas Anymore

VICTORY: SeaWorld Park Can't Breed Orcas Anymore. This could signal the end for SeaWorld. Yes!

Killer Whales of B.C: T19´s with T18! Facebookalbum for one of the most beautiful Transient (Biggs) family. With only 19 years, Galiano T19B has a powerful fin tilts to the left. His mom is T19 Mooyah. Spouter T19C is the youngst in the family. In addition, the three always travel around with T18 Esperanza. The T18s/T19s are encountered regularly.

SpeakOut: captive whales and dolphins are used as breeding machines for the profit of marine parks

is this a painting? Its so hard to tell, looks slightly to paintily to be a photograph.


I don't know what this crazily cute burst is I'm just gonna call it the Mohawk Birdy...he's pretty rad. ;)

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