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Donna's daughter Kayla and her baby Hop

20 questions to ask YOUR mom. An awesome questionnaire to document family history or put in your journal. FREE Printable. Number 11 would get some really interesting answers from my mom.

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32 Wonderful, Creative and Unique Ways To Take A Family Photos. You'Re Gonna Love This.

32 Wonderful, Creative and Unique Ways To Take A Family Photos. You’Re Gonna Love This. | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

A beautiful letter to your daughter(s)

A beautiful letter to your daughter(s)

Hmm...thinking I should find me a white, vintage-y dress!! I love this one! Where would I find one? Maybe my mom could make it for me....?? ;o)

I found another picture of @Melody Gee Gee Gee Keinath 's future child

Playful Parenting means joining children in their world of play, focusing on connection and confidence, giggling and roughhousing, and following your child's lead.

Oh so very true, my children are my everything and I try to thank God every day for blessing me so richly with each one of them...Devon, Tyler, Megan, Matthew....

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The Turning Point Seminar Tickets- Discounted Cheap - Marshall Sylver

Im done trying to do what is "right" to make others happy. Im going to do what is best for me and what makes me happy. If that hurts people along the way then Im genuinely sorry but I have to make my life happy because I'm the one that has to live this life.