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I choose this picture because it shows the world is in our hand, if we keep our hand to each others.This is a great bond. when someone needs our help, we should always ready to help them.

I choose this picture because In this picture children’s work are presented on the wall. The reflection says they talked about places where the families come from and drew different flags according to the maps. Through the display, we can understand each child has different background, and they increase their mutual understanding by sharing their cultures.

from Kid World Citizen

Montessori Method of Teaching World Cultures

I choose this picture because in this blog it shows how teachers teach kids about the world cultures in Montessori Methods.Teachers incorporate sensors and , music into the world culture lessons in their classrooms. As emerging ECEs, this is a good resource for us to learn and make references.

from Eton Institute

How to Say Hello in Different Languages

Learn to say hello in different languages! Learning a new language can be a lot of fun. If you would like to see more of these, let us know.

I chose this picture because this picture show how those people cleaning the environment as a global citizen. They connected as one team to help keep there environment clean and safe.

I choose this picture because diversity is our greatest strength. The more diverse people the more success. We should respect diversity to become a good global citizen.

I choose this picture because it shows children from different background, wore different cultural outfits. It shows multiculturalism.

I choose this picture because it represents the diversity of music on the planet. Children express their thoughts through hundred languages. Music is one of them. Thus, we must value and nurture it.

This picture shows a person from other counties visit children in Kenya. These children are in a poverty and cannot go to school like us. To increase literacy is very important to be a global citizen. If they have no school to attend, how can they develop their counties and how can they to be a global citizen. We can tell our children that some countries still are in a poor condition and we should take our opportunity to learn more and help others.

I chose this picture because it show how globalization connects everyone together with there religious beliefs, leadership , diversity, and traditions. etc..