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from GoBoiano

40 Times We Couldn't Explain Anime or It's Culture To Our Parents

i don't even know anymore--------- this fandom is slowly going insane and taking me with it<<< I think that the fandom can't actually handle how dark this show is, so the try to cover up the dark stuff with hilarious stuff instead

Alexandr Camelton. My name is Alexander Camelton. And there's a million things i haven't done. But just you wait, just you wait...

THis is a great story but I'm so fucking tired of men thinking they have any damn right to tell us "you'd look prettier if you did ____" like I'M NOT HERE FOR YOU, I DON'T COME OUT IN PUBLIC FOR YOU TO LOOK AT ME.

A Deeper Meaning To Loki’s Hair… this is absolutely, ridiculously hilarious. I have been slain with laughter.