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My sister's boyfriend is from Russia and he just graduated from college so his parents are visiting from Moscow and they speak very little English and I almost lost it today laughing because they absolutely loved my sister's wiener dog like they were entirely amused by this dog and his dad was just sitting next to the wiener dog, admiring him, and softly saying in the thickest Russian accent "little dog...small dog...little dog"

"I spotted these three musketeers peeking out from a hollow tree near the Whitefish River in Montana," says reader Brian Hayward of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

And as I sit here painting, my Raven pair soar across the woods and perch in my Acer, they get braver and tamer every day, they don't seem bothered by sleeping Wolfie either. The Doves, the Robins, the Crows, the Ravens, the Sparrows, the Wrens, the Blackbirds, they have lost their fear of me... Watching me, watching them ♥

Castro Verde area seen from a hot air balloon - Alentejo, Portugal Bijzonder overnachten - Op ontdekkingstocht in Alentejo - Specials - Droomplekken

from eBay

Mokomoko Alpaca Aroma Scent Hug Pillow Cushion RosePink

Alpaca pillow. give this to the recipient with a real alpaca or llama in the recipient's name from Heifer International charity. gifts of sustainable farm living for the poorest of villagers. has a scented butt lol!

I took a slight look back on my night guardian sisters “humanoid” form and really wanted to redo them a bit, even thought it’s only been two or three months (and chances are they’ll probably change...

I Made this card using Country Livin, Hardwood and bareback stamp sets by Stampin Up. Hinges are made from the small star punch and the handle is the small candle punch. Horseshoes were in a bottle on my shelf waiting to be used 😉 Independent Stampin Up demo

This one goes out to all my brothers and sisters, those on four legs and on two, those with scales and feathers, those that swim, and all the rest of you, with love. ♥

The Bearded Barbet (Lybius dubius) is an African barbet. Barbets and toucans are a group of near passerine birds with a worldwide tropical distribution. The barbets get their name from the bristles which fringe their heavy bills. The Bearded Barbet is a common resident breeder in tropical west Africa.