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This one reminds me of one my cousin got. He wanted to trick her into thinking he'd lost a tooth - she said: "Nice Try" in lovely, curling script with glitter - my cousin has never forgiven either one of us.

Unidentified specimen collected by David Lyall, 1842, Glenshee, Scotland

This is great! Prove Santa is real. Upload a photo of your Christmas tree and Santa will be included in your pic as proof that he visited your house.

"The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against Him."

Powerful... I honestly never thought of this... A real Epiphany!

This is my cousin's bakery: The Sweet Tooth Fairy. Meg won Cupcake Wars a few months ago. She gave this recipe in the BYU magazine...definitely have to try it myself. (this pin was another blog where I could link from) If you live in need to check them out. They are amazing!

from Frugal Living Mom

30 FREE Personalized Tooth Fairy Letters

I’m going to be real here… our tooth fairy is a REAL flake. Seriously? How many time can you forget to come :) She ends up coming a lot AFTER the girls got to school. If yours is flaky, too you might be in need of these letters.

I kinda didn't like Tooth the first time I watched it but the second time I realized how adorable she is. :)

fairyhouse built into a fireplace. The little door opens to a miniature fireplace within. A curving stair leads to a balcony with another door. To the right on the first floor there is a door which leads to a room beyond with a checkered floor. Sometimes there is a light on in the far room.

If you get most of your news from the old media establishment consisting of newspapers and TV network news, you'd be forgiven for not knowing about the damaging information contained in the latest batch of hacked emails publicly released by the whistleblower site WikiLeaks. That would be because the old media is systematically ignoring the story.