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Hummingbird~ my Nanny and I used to sit on the porch and watch her hummingbird feeders for hours as dozens would come feed and dance at them.

Peacock Paradise - Beauty.

A touch of Purple !!!!!!!!!! - The violet ear hummingbird is beautiful and when he gets aggressive you can really see the violet ears as he pushes them out to the side. Great fun to Watch and even more fun to photograph !!!!!!!

Photographer: Jeff Dyck ~ "Fox in the Flowers" ~ "I was set-up in the long grass at the edge of the water at a local marsh trying to photograph Black Terns fishing when I heard something right behind me - startled, I turned and found this young fox walking through the grass about 6 feet from me! He moved about 20 feet past me then turned back to check me out. I had an 800mm lens mounted and was unable to get the entire fox in the shot, but ended up with this portrait." ~ Beautiful! ♥

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