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55 Super Hot Short Hairstyles 2016 - Layers, Cool Colors, Curls, Bangs

When is your birthday? If it happens to be today, then we will say “happy birthday”to you. Every birthday doesn’t just mean birthday cakes or parties, but mean that we will be thankful. Thank for our mothers and our families. Today’s post is going to tell

Darko is a high fashionable font whith a geometrical character.The typeface comes along with two extravagant variable stylistic sets for the whole alphabet and some special characters as well. It offers numerous combination possibilities between the two v…

Fairy magic seamless vector pattern whith Christmas plants and berries. The mysterious, enchanted forest. Miracles come true in the New Year's Eve.

White Negros by Pieterse/ Lil Kim is critiqued by her bad girl of hip hop, nasty talking, master of shock self. Even though she is known to be sweet natured and generous. / pg 141 first paragraph. / in this world it isn't the sweet girls whith big hearts that come out on top it's the sexy "bad ass" ones who get attention and fame.

Project of the day: Amora Bracelet Link to the PDF file: Soon to come Link to the kits: Soon to come Materials list: (for a 7 inch bracelet) 46 6mm pearls 11...

Video Game Consoles As Work Machines

Poor Wii U DX I LOVE THE WII U AND I DON'T CARE IF ITS SALES WEREN'T MUCH!! It is a beautiful console! Plus, neither do Xbox or Play Station or PC have Splatoon or Zelda so there's that. Nintendoers win

this is why pugs are the most precious things ever. Brady does this when my mom has to go out of town.

Cute colorful bracelets

Cute colorful bracelets Cute colorful bracelets. Looks gorgeous on summer outfits👌 comes whith a black pouch💕 Jewelry Bracelets