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"In the early part of the 20th century extensive predator control program basically wiped out the entire red wolf population. Only two populations of red wolf were believe to exist by the late 1930s. One in the Ozarks/Quachita Mountain region of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma and one in southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana. Today with over 265 animals in captivity and in the wild red wolves are starting to make a slow comeback."

"Wolves have been reintroduced to Idaho and have migrated into Eastern Oregon. They are the subject of some controversy and local ranchers and wilderness advocates are working out how to have a healthy wolf population and a viable cattle and sheep industry. Most wolves have mixed black, blond, and brown coloring although wolves come in nearly every shade from pure white to completely black."

Wolves mate for life - only the alpha pair breed. They practice their own form of population control within the pack. People could learn so much from them, but choose the fear mongers message instead.

kqedscience: Today is Endangered Species Day “Once believed to be extinct, black-footed ferrets are slowly recovering with the help of captive breeding programs. This photo of a mother and her four kits was taken in a “preconditioning pen” at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Center in Colorado where captive bred ferrets learn to survive in their natural habitat before being released into the wild at reintroduction sites. Photo by Mike Lockhart.”

Eastern small-footed bat with white-nose syndrome by USFWS Headquarters, via Flickr

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