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Nerd Girls Unite! "You're grammar suck's" Embrace your inner grammarian and let the world know that apostrophes and syntax are important to you. If you recoil when standing in the "12 items or less" line, you should own this T. Smart is sexy. Young mens fitted t-shirt, very soft spun cotton. Royal blue. Women's L or XL equivalent. Tops

Running With Wolves | Greta Waltz owns the Tooth & Claw Saloon Rustvales only wolf shifter bar and she doesnt take crap from anyone. When a couple of sexy newcomers shift and get into a fight with a regular inside the bar Greta doesnt even hesitate to scruff them and boot them into the street. Sure shed rather be touching them somewhere else but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Recovering nerd Elliott Whiting just moved back home and brought his mate Shane along with him. Their very…

Tumblr: highlandvalley: scalable: ipodstyle: petapeta: ak47: sasorivader: playerspulse: seagull: bonerparty: Shes perfect. She loves you thinks youre funny doesnt mind that your feet smell thinks your friends are great is hotter than your last five girlfriends listens to great music paints bakes drinks like a champ and is down for 2am tacos. She also likes to wear this to conventions. Oh you cant hang? (gus menary) Dude you dont even know what love is. Agreed. I might be…

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Christmas poem Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series<<< ahahahhaahha I loved, " and a very sexy Leo Valdez:

Yeppers...exploring one's mind can be very sexy...or very scary. You can tell a lot by what people have in their libraries.