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Breakup ~ Why You Need To & How To Do It When did we become so desperate to be in love, to be in a romantic relationship that we decided, consciously or subconsciously, to settle, to endure a bad relationship?

Read this short story to discover how Ella's bad dream turns out to be a blessing. Bad day, bad dream, good girl - Kindle edition by Ally T. Simmons. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ .

“I gotta say I haven't laughed so much in awhile. Lily and Sebastian are former high school sweethearts that ended badly with Lily betraying Sebastian. This is a great second chance story with a little hint of paranormal thrown in.”

Life isn’t always kind, is it? Can Harri find her way to freedom? The Diary Of Harri Foxx - Kindle edition by Sue Lloyd. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ .

A fun loving, inspirational, and heart-warming story, that can touch the hearts of children of all ages. Encourages self-esteem, self-appreciation, self-love, and most importantly “Being Yourself.” Rhino and Pilot: Be You - Kindle edition by M. Moss. Children Kindle eBooks @ .

Jack Crown and Dr. Benjamin Lieber battle zombies and contagion while the U.S. government keeps citizens in the dark in the early days of the Z-Factor crisis. Zombie Protocols (Z-Factor Book 2) eBook: Michael K Clancy: Kindle Store

Malice Aforethought: A Mystery Crime Thriller. Can Detective Ravi Singh, an ex Force One consultant stop a killer hellbent on evil, or will it be too late?